Good Morning. Early cool day here in Lakeland Florida.  Everyone waking up to losing numbers today after power ball drawing last night. I did get one number right. Oh well

back to scratch offs.

  "Calm Atlentic - Melbourne FL. " is a different approach to my art. I had been fascinated by 5"x 5" paintings as of late and reading about  it as a good test of a artist to improve control of the brush and perspective depth. Thought I would give it a shot.

 The panels are hardboard 3/8 in. I covered them with Golden Coarse Ground and then used fluid acrylic for the painting. Once the painting had dried I came back and did some of the detail. Once that dried I sprayed it with a Krylon Varnish. THe pouring was Liquitex pouring medium. One point if you use this medium make sure your painting is raised up and level. It will take roughly 24 hours to dry. The Panels are 5" x5". 


 This was fun and took some time but working with 5" panels I think wil lchallenge any artist who hasn't done them before. Have ablessed week and see you soon.


Good morning. I am back in my studio finally. Holidays have passed and my painting

is going well this week. Wanted to share this painting with you.

 "Green Swamp in Pink" is a painitng I thought about when I was painting another landscape earlier this year. The Green Swamp is partially in Polk County and most of us have heard of it or been there. I wanted to give it a early morning pink hue which I am sure can happen if the light is just right. This is watercolor with some graphite pencil and is 15x22 Unmatted. Working on another painting and hope to share by the end of the week. Have a blessed week and see you soon. See Ya!!


Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. We are in take down mode this week on decorations. Thinking the tree will come down tomorrow. Anyway I am painting some, as always, this week. Dying to get my Fabraino watercolor paper from Jerrysartarama. This paper from Hobby Lobby just doesn't absorb the paints correctly. 

 Anyone who has followed my paintings over the years has seen this 1941 Pontiac numerous times so I it painted again  and this time it is a 18x24 watercolor . The cars are always in my genes so had to paint it again this week. No background on this one.  I just want it to standout on its own.

Everyone please have a safe and great New Years. Will see you soon with a landscape I am sure next time. Have a blessed week. See Ya!

Thought I would share a Iconic building that I am sketching and studing for a painting after the first of the year. .Walking around Lake Mirror you can remember the history with the buildings that are left. I have done building around Lakeland but this probably is one of my favorites. Unfortunately they past has become now so I will continue to paint the buildings while they are with us. 

Well we are getting a bit closer to Christmas this week. Thought I would share my latest painting for everyone before I shut down my studio for a few days.

 Homestead- US301 came about froma a old painting. The Painting was the sky from another painting so I utilized the paper to complete this painting. It was Gessoed over but the sky colors still seeped through.  It gave me the idea to do the painting. Resource to paint it was my travels up and down US 301 over the years. The rolling hills in North Florida and North Carolina were the basis for the painting. This is a 20x24 Mixed Media  Matted painting on paper.

 I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and  Remember" Jesus is the reason for the

season" Be safe and talk soon. See Ya


"First Snow" is my latest painting for the week. Actually it was a old painting that I had glued some plant cuttings to last summer and I didn't like the way the painting turned out. So I dug it out this week and said let redo this. FIrst I had to paint over the old painting with two coats of Golden Ground White since this painting is on a hardboard panel I found the Golden Ground seems to work the best with watercolors.  Regular Liquitex Gesso seems to give less absorbancy to the watercolor paint. The trees got a extra dose of Golden Ground and then I used some modeling paste around the base of the trees. Watercolor paint is all I have used on this painting. Once I was finished I sprayed it with a Krylon Matte Finish. I probably will give it one more coat before I wire it. It is a 20x24 hardboard panel so it is a bit heavy but overall it should hang just right.

Good afternoon. This is the first piece I have done this week. We have been in the Christmas mode the last few days. I am hoping everyone is enjoying the Christmas spirit this week and looking forward to the holidays. 

 This painting was the first I have done on a hardboard panel in a while. My 300# paper order won't be filled till after the first of the year. Got to love the Fabriano paper.

 "First Light-Swamp', came about watching some National Geographic programs. Though I would give it a shot.

This painting had to have 3 coats of Golden Ground, and then I used some gorilla glue and modeling paste to give it some texture. I have about 3 coats of Krylon Matte Finish and Varnish on it over each layer. I used mainly watercolors but there is some ink and graphite pencil. I scrub each layer with a brush to wash and inhance the colors in the painting. Overall I think it came out well. Hope everyone enjoys it.

 All for the week maybe. Lots going on so if I can get back to the studio I will. Take care and have a blessed week


Good morning. Well Turkey week has come and gone and today is the 1st of December. My goodness. We are moving quickly to a New Year and 2016. Of course we have Christmas coming up a truly wonderful day for all. 

 I have been painting pretty much every day since Thanksgiving so lets look at these two paintings.

"Folly Beach Marsh Sunrise" is a painting I had in mind since our trip to Charleston SC nearly two years ago. Folly Beach is just outside of Charleston. I did an Acrylic of the marsh and wanted to do it again with watercolors this time. We were their in the evening but I thought this time lets make it early morning with the sun coming up kind of 7 AM coffee time. The painting is 18x24 matted watercolor on 300# paper.

"Back Door  Storm" is another painting I did recently, I think over the last 3 years I have painted  plains pictures with clouds 3 times and the other two have sold so I had to refer back to the original paintings photos to get my Mid West feel to do this painting. Something about the panhandle of Texas (where I lived as a kid) and Oklahoma that you can see for miles and miles from your back porch or yard. 

 This painting is 16x20 matted, mixed media with modeling paste, watercolor and ink on 300# paper.

Ok thats it for this week. Down to my last sheet of 300# paper so if my order doesn't come in I will be doing my art on panels again which isn't a bad idea.

 Have a blessed week and talk again soon. See Ya!