Just a brief summary of ths painting. "Into My City" was painted to replace "Into My Forest" which was sold at a recent show. The series has been on going in my mind for the last two years when I first painted the face in this painting. This painting is made up of paintings I have painted and city photos I took when we lived in Raleigh and also a trip to Savannah Ga. It is a mixed media on a hardboard panel. 


Good Morning it has been awhile since my last blog so I apologize about that. Three art shows in six weeks has kept me busy plus a trip to the beach makes for time on my blog slow so slow. The trip to Satellite Beach was alot of fun last week. I took a ton of pictures of the beach and my last two paintings were the result of the trip. I found the water creates a totally different painting then the west coast of Florida. Sarah is saying no more ocean paintings but they are so much fun we will have to see about that.

 Now about the two paintings. Both were from photographs I took on the same day. One at sunrise the other at high tide around 3 in the afternoon. I think the application  of watercolors for both paintings in the sky created a uniques effect. Both are mixed media and are on canvas and a hardboard panel. 

 As I said 3 shows in 6 weeks keeps any artist busy. My last show in Winter Haven was rainy one day but I did receive an award for merit so that made my weekend very nice. One more show before I take a break till the fall. It is scheduled for April 16, 2016 in Dixieland Lakeland Florida. I will have these pictures their along with others so please stop by if you have a chance. 

 Back to the studio. Have a blessed weekend. See Ya!

Good afternoon to all. It has been a few weeks since my last blog so here is the new one.

First of all thanks to everyone who was able to come to the Bloomin Art Festival in Bartow Florida last weekend. It was a great weekend with lots of people able to come by my booth, see my art and talk art. I totally enjoyed it. Thank you so very much.

 I am being a bit crazy this week. I have another show in Winter Haven, Florida on March 19-20 so I am trying to get some new paintings in that show. With the art season winding down in Florida it is a race to get them done. 

This painting is a new painting titled "Blowing Rock Reserve". This reserve near Jupiter, Florida is one of the few beaches in Florida that has rocky out cropings. I have done many west coast beach paintings but this one seemed to fit the need to paint. I have been to this area over the years twice so I thought it would be fitting to paint.

"Blowing Rock Reserve" is mixed media (Watercolor, Tissue Paper, Acrylics) on a 12x24 canvas.  This painting will be in the show in Winter Haven.

 Thats all for the week. Have a blessed one and I will update everyone more about the show in Winter Haven next week. See Ya!


Good afternoon on this Sunday. Nice cool day lots of sun and it is suppose to warm up more during the week. Looking forward to it,

"Crunchy Snow" is my latest painting, it came about from another painting I had done back in the fall  titled "Winter Woodlands" It was a watercolor and ink painting.

 I wanted to try using some acrylic in this painting. I started with 300# paper and I covered it with acrylic medium before applying the acrylic paint.  The slick surface created by the medium let the watercolor paint have a greater transparency as I painted the trees. Once they were painted I then scrapped and highlighted them with a old credit card. It created a nice effect that way. This paint is 16x20 Matted. 

 Other updates my booth space in Bartow Florida is #121. The show is March 5-6, 2016. The show in Winter Haven Florida is March 19-20. I have not received my both space yet for it. Also Dixieland in Lakeland Florida  is having a Artfest April 16, 2016. I will have a booth there with a mxture of old and new art. Lot of stuff going on with my art. Trying to get alot of new pieces ready for these shows. Last but not least the Lakeland Art Guild has a juried show at the Lakeland Center Main Lobby that will run from February 22 until April 19, 2016. I have two of my watercolors in that show

 Have a blessed week and be safe. Talk soon. See Ya!

Good afternoon on this cool afternoon in Florida. I am enjoying the weather change but we need some sun. 

 5x5 Panels is something new I wanted to do. I saw them last year at a show in Raleigh so thought I would give it a go. The Panels will be at my Show in Winter Haven in March so I hope to have a few more made before then.

 These panels are made from 3/8 in hardboard (masonite old word for it) and are 5x5 inches. I have to put two coats of Gesso on them so the paint will adhere to the surface. I then will use acrylic paint and watercolors. Once they have dried I use a Krylon Satin Spray to protect the paintings. I then use a Liquitex Pouring Medium to protect it and give a similar surface you would find on a painting with resin. Thats it.

 Still waiting for my booth assignment at Bloomin Art Festival in Bartow Fl. March 5-6, 2016. Once I hear I will update my Facebook page. 

Have a blessed week and will see you soon. See Ya!

Good evening. I was working on this painting over the last few days so I wanted to get the blog out before the weekend. Titled "Vanity" it was a step away from my usual subject I paint but as a artist we seek to challenge ourselves from time to time. "Vanity" represents the cycle of our life from young to old. We see ourself in a mirror daily. To ourselves we see, me. Others might see something else. In this painting I see "Vanity" what the mirror reflects. This is a 15x22 watercolor on paper. Thanks and have a blessed weekend. See Ya !


Good afternoon. A great warm day for January and I am enjoying shorts and a t shirt today.

Yes it is true,. Last Week the Central Vacuum Sales Building became a demolished pile of memories. A lot of old structures around Lake Mirror have seen the wrecking ball or are scheduled to. Two years ago I took some pictures around Lake Mirror and this building was a favorite. Built in 1947 it had that special look of the drive thru and drive- ins we grew up with if you are over 55.

 Anyway it is titled "Vacuum Sales" and I used various mediums on it. Watercolors, Acrylic Ink and Indian Ink on paper. Glad I painted it to remember it. All for the week. Take care and enjoy your day. See Ya!

Good afternoon on this very cool Tuesday. Seems the cool weather has found Florida this week. Still not as bad as the MId West and Great White North.

 "Reclaimed State Road 640A" kinda popped in my head over the weekend. I remember traveling this road many times when working in the phosphate industry. Reclamation has always been a big part of the phosphate industry in recent years.. Polk county Florida  had many acres mined over the years and it became important in the industry to clean up the mined areas. Traveling State Road 640A allows you to see reclamation that has taken place. 

 This painting is 15x22 MIxed Media on paper.

Have a blessed week and will see you soon. See ya!