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Two blogs this week. Well actually the second painting is a redo of a previous painting I had done. About 1/12 years ago I cam e down to visit family and I took some pictures of some swans at a Lake Morton in Lakeland. Of course Lakeland fames itself on the swans they have so I decided to paint them. Last spring I did a painting for the show at Michell's Coffee Shop so this painting is Titled "Swan Refaire'. I guess that is a fancy way to say swan redo. This painting is different from the first. You can compare the two if you go to my web site This is a 18x24 watercolor on 300# paper. Weekend is fast approaching so enjoy yourself and enjoy a warm fall. See ya!


Good afternoon. Thought I would get a quick blog out this week. Mainly about the painting. "Tobacco Barn" was a photo that is from a barn in Eastern North Carolina. The painting is mixed media in that I have found parts of Florida Palms provide interesting pieces of bark that I am able to use in my paintings. This is a 11x15 watercolor with palm bark on 300# Fabriano Cold Pressed Paper. Hope you enjoy it. Have a blessed week and see you soon. See YA!

Thought I would paint some late this week and I got the time to do it. This is my latest painting title "Fence Lines". I am excited about it because it a painting that seemed to work for me from  start to finish. As much as I want to continue painting realism, the challenge now is to express my painting with

ideas and color that will make a oberver think and understand what I am wanting to achieve in my painting. This is a 22x30 Mixed Media on 300# Fabriano Cold Pressed Paper.. Have a blessed weekend and a great week. See ya! and GO GATORS!!!



Hope your week has been going well. I haven't had a lot of time to paint lately but I am trying to get some done still on a weekly basis. This painting was a inspiration from all my trips to Anna Maria Island over the years and finding the sandbar was always important because you could swim, then  wade and then sit and enjoy the day in 3 ft. of water at low tide. The other side of the bar was deep and snorkeling you probably would see the elusive sand dollar. Anyway this painting is basically all watercolor with some acrylic paint for high lights. It is 11 x 15 unmatted on 300# paper. 

 The paint is flowing again som hope to have some more paintings real soon. Enjoy the week and get to the beach when you can. Have a blessed day. See Ya


Studio is back up and running. I have been experimenting this week with different mediums I don't normally use. One is acrylic paint. I bought some Golden Liquid Acrulic that really seem to pop the colors more so then most acrylic paints I use. Also I am now using Golden watercolors  which seem to have more pigment so they provide more color with my washes. 

 This painting is titled "Fall 101". It is a mixed media painting with watercolors, acrylic paint modeling paste and gel, string, book pages and cardboard. I really like the way the book pages were used on the tree on the left. If you look closely you can seem some of the writing. This is a 21x29 Hardboard panel gessoed for painting. I plan on going back to some photos of Savannah and the Beaches for some future paintings experimenting along the way. Enjoy the week. See Ya!

"Night Shadows" was completed today. It actually was started earlier this year. This piece is 16x22 Unframed on 300# cold pressed paper. My history with indian pubelos over the years is many. My fascination by their shapes and shadows always seem to make a nice subject matter to paint. Unfortunately in Florida, Southwest art isn't as popular as Florida Art but I seem to continue to fine a market for it. But I will continue to paint them one pueblo at a time. 

Ok the move has been offically done now for about two weeks and I have my studio up and running but no finished paintings as of yet thus we will show a older painting I did when we lived in Raleigh. This was a barn I painted on a trip we had made to Franklin NC over Thank giving in 2013. Barns in NC are many and this one was right by the road, so I felt obligated to take a photo and paint it. It is a 18x24 Watercolor and Gouache framed on 300# cold pressed paper. I hope to have some new work ready next week so watch for my blog and I am happy we are back in Lakeland again. Have a blessed week and see ya!

Guess it is fitting my last painting done in Raleigh would be dealing with the Carolina's. Looking back over the last two years I have enjoyed our stay here. I found so many good things about the towns, the seasons and the people I have met. I am sure I will cherish the memories and will look forward to returning for visits in the future. This was a simple painting "Carolina Morning". I think the part of North Carolina you truly enjoy is the landscape. Lots of diversification from West to East. I think I have painted her well. This is 11x18 watercolor painting unframed on 140# cold pressed paper. Will be back soon on the blog once we move and get settled back in Florida, Have a blessed week and see you soon.