Good afternoon on this cool afternoon in Florida. I am enjoying the weather change but we need some sun. 

 5x5 Panels is something new I wanted to do. I saw them last year at a show in Raleigh so thought I would give it a go. The Panels will be at my Show in Winter Haven in March so I hope to have a few more made before then.

 These panels are made from 3/8 in hardboard (masonite old word for it) and are 5x5 inches. I have to put two coats of Gesso on them so the paint will adhere to the surface. I then will use acrylic paint and watercolors. Once they have dried I use a Krylon Satin Spray to protect the paintings. I then use a Liquitex Pouring Medium to protect it and give a similar surface you would find on a painting with resin. Thats it.

 Still waiting for my booth assignment at Bloomin Art Festival in Bartow Fl. March 5-6, 2016. Once I hear I will update my Facebook page. 

Have a blessed week and will see you soon. See Ya!

Good evening. I was working on this painting over the last few days so I wanted to get the blog out before the weekend. Titled "Vanity" it was a step away from my usual subject I paint but as a artist we seek to challenge ourselves from time to time. "Vanity" represents the cycle of our life from young to old. We see ourself in a mirror daily. To ourselves we see, me. Others might see something else. In this painting I see "Vanity" what the mirror reflects. This is a 15x22 watercolor on paper. Thanks and have a blessed weekend. See Ya !


Good afternoon. A great warm day for January and I am enjoying shorts and a t shirt today.

Yes it is true,. Last Week the Central Vacuum Sales Building became a demolished pile of memories. A lot of old structures around Lake Mirror have seen the wrecking ball or are scheduled to. Two years ago I took some pictures around Lake Mirror and this building was a favorite. Built in 1947 it had that special look of the drive thru and drive- ins we grew up with if you are over 55.

 Anyway it is titled "Vacuum Sales" and I used various mediums on it. Watercolors, Acrylic Ink and Indian Ink on paper. Glad I painted it to remember it. All for the week. Take care and enjoy your day. See Ya!

Good afternoon on this very cool Tuesday. Seems the cool weather has found Florida this week. Still not as bad as the MId West and Great White North.

 "Reclaimed State Road 640A" kinda popped in my head over the weekend. I remember traveling this road many times when working in the phosphate industry. Reclamation has always been a big part of the phosphate industry in recent years.. Polk county Florida  had many acres mined over the years and it became important in the industry to clean up the mined areas. Traveling State Road 640A allows you to see reclamation that has taken place. 

 This painting is 15x22 MIxed Media on paper.

Have a blessed week and will see you soon. See ya!

Good Morning. Early cool day here in Lakeland Florida.  Everyone waking up to losing numbers today after power ball drawing last night. I did get one number right. Oh well

back to scratch offs.

  "Calm Atlentic - Melbourne FL. " is a different approach to my art. I had been fascinated by 5"x 5" paintings as of late and reading about  it as a good test of a artist to improve control of the brush and perspective depth. Thought I would give it a shot.

 The panels are hardboard 3/8 in. I covered them with Golden Coarse Ground and then used fluid acrylic for the painting. Once the painting had dried I came back and did some of the detail. Once that dried I sprayed it with a Krylon Varnish. THe pouring was Liquitex pouring medium. One point if you use this medium make sure your painting is raised up and level. It will take roughly 24 hours to dry. The Panels are 5" x5". 


 This was fun and took some time but working with 5" panels I think wil lchallenge any artist who hasn't done them before. Have ablessed week and see you soon.


Good morning. I am back in my studio finally. Holidays have passed and my painting

is going well this week. Wanted to share this painting with you.

 "Green Swamp in Pink" is a painitng I thought about when I was painting another landscape earlier this year. The Green Swamp is partially in Polk County and most of us have heard of it or been there. I wanted to give it a early morning pink hue which I am sure can happen if the light is just right. This is watercolor with some graphite pencil and is 15x22 Unmatted. Working on another painting and hope to share by the end of the week. Have a blessed week and see you soon. See Ya!!


Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. We are in take down mode this week on decorations. Thinking the tree will come down tomorrow. Anyway I am painting some, as always, this week. Dying to get my Fabraino watercolor paper from Jerrysartarama. This paper from Hobby Lobby just doesn't absorb the paints correctly. 

 Anyone who has followed my paintings over the years has seen this 1941 Pontiac numerous times so I it painted again  and this time it is a 18x24 watercolor . The cars are always in my genes so had to paint it again this week. No background on this one.  I just want it to standout on its own.

Everyone please have a safe and great New Years. Will see you soon with a landscape I am sure next time. Have a blessed week. See Ya!

Thought I would share a Iconic building that I am sketching and studing for a painting after the first of the year. .Walking around Lake Mirror you can remember the history with the buildings that are left. I have done building around Lakeland but this probably is one of my favorites. Unfortunately they past has become now so I will continue to paint the buildings while they are with us.