Good Morning and hope your having a great Wednesday. Thought I would get this blog out. I finished Breakin Loose  this week. Well in theory its done but it still needs the varnish and frame. Some how this painting came about by watching some old John Ford movies. One of my favorite directors of all time. The Arizona backgrounds, the granduer of the wide spaces, and of course the actors all made the movies fun to watch. The Searchers, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, My Darling Clementine. So I researched and came up with Breakin Loose. The painting is a 12x36 oil on canvas. I totally think the width of the painting and the riders driving hard on their horses left to right gives the viewer a feeling of urgency and action. Of course the last rider is a tag along but all the old movies had such characters. Slim Pickens or Gabby Hayes were always there. Anyway it states the love of Western riders Breakin Loose. The Largeness of Arizona Landscape and cowboys riding hard. 

 Not doing any shows in the immediate future but I am entering a Members show at the Ridge Art Association in Winter haven at the end of September. I have a few pieces to enter in that show. Also my work  continues to be supported by the Faust Gallery in both Santa Fe New Mexico and Scottsdale Arizona. 

   Thats all for this blog. Have a great week and take care. See ya!

Good afternoon: nice rain for a hot day today. Cooled down to 80. 

 Solitude is a 12x12 oil on canvas. I wanted a painting that represented a solo cowboy  and alone. I then wanted to have it in a desert but maybe a extreme desert. Growing up in El Paso as a youth, we would got to the desert alot and one of the area near us was White Sands National Park in New Mexico..White Sands National park gives  a feeling of complete solitude when you are their because that is all you can see.  White Sand Dune Fields for miles and miles . White Sands does allow horses in the park but you must get a permit for entry. So to me my cowboy was a good representation on a horse with the White Sand Fields as a back drop. Solitude and alone. 


 I entered this painting  in the current show at the Ridge Art Association Gallery in WInter haven Fl. . The shows title is Black and White and a touch of color. I was excited  to learn it won Best of Show. The painting serves its self well and I am humbled to have won the award. Solitude 13x13 oil Framed. 

 I am painting this summer. Its been slow for my art out West this summer. Hopefully it will pic up in the galleries. I am planning to enter the Members show  for Ridge Art Association in September. Show will run in October,. Other the that the brings us up to date For August. 

  Take Care and have a blessed weeki. SeeYa!

Giood morning. A brief blog today. Jumping Jack is new painting I just completed. 18x18 oil on canvas. I have enjoyed painting bucking horses so much that I wanted to do this one. I have painted this horse in the past in watercolors and oil but not on this scale,  It will be completed once a frame is found. 

Update, I was pleased to win the award Best of Show at the Black and White exhibition at RIdge Art Assocation Gallery in WInter Haven. for my painting, Solitude.  The reception will be this coming Saturday July 15,  from 6-8 PM. I was very humbled to win this award.. If you have time please stop by and attend the show. Lots of great paintings by local artists.  

 I am currently  showing my art  at the Faust Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico. The work should be up a good part of the summer.  THanks Bill for showing my art.

That's it for now. Have a great week and see ya!

Good afternoon and hope your day is going well. I just finished this painting today and wanted to get it to my blog. Vermillion Cliffs is a 24x30 Oil on a gallery canvas. The excitment on this painting has to be the sky. I love to photo or paint cumulus cloud formations. When I photoed the vermillion cliffs for reference it was a fall day clear and early in the morning. I totally reversed that in this painting. I wanted a late day with shadows, cumulus clouds and a palette that represented nearly dusk. WIth this in mind I painted it. The painting has been a struggle to combine all of these factors but I am happy now the way it turned out. I wil decide what to do with the painting and it still needs a varnish but the paint will need to cure for a bit. 
That all for this blog. See ya!


Good afternoon. Thought I would get a short blog out on my latest painting. Red Mesa July Storm was developed from photos taken of the Red Mesa in Arizona at the Navajo Nation. I had a photo but the day was actually very clear without many clouds. I worked with some photos of large thunderstorm clouds I had and incorporated them with this painting. I am really happy the way it turned out. The Painting becones the 9th I have painted of the Red Mesa. Each is different with the palette and day time. All have the red sandstone though and the deep shadows pentrating the landscape. Red Mesa 24x24 oil on gallery canvas unframed. c2023.

 I am doing a few paintings per month for gallery work  and I would like to say I am open to commissions if it involves Western art. Please contact me if you have a interest in a commission work. 

 All for this blog. Take care  Steve


Good morning to all. Back from my show in Scottsdale Arizona and resting now. 
what a great time we had visiting family, doing the show, and visiting attractions in the area.  Weather was perfect the whole time.
 I first want to thank the Faust Gallery for getting the gallery ready for the show. Bill and Michael Faust worked hard to get it perfect and the Faust Gallery made it a special night. Lots of people dropping by that I follow on Instagram and those who follow me. Plus family and friends. a Total of 18 paintings were in the show. It was a culmination of two years of work of paintings of Arzona, Utah  and NewMexico. The show will continue to hang during March. Also some paintings went to Great Falls Montana over the past weekend for a show there. Thanks Faust Gallery for that. As we say in Art. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure.
Needless to say it is now a time to take a break with Art. Working with galleries is a great experience. The behind the scenes work is hard. Shipping at top of list and preparing the paintings requires patience and sweat. Is it worth it? Yes! Will I do it again? Yes but not for awhile. The paintings are now available to the public to see, critique and hopefully purchase. The gallery now will Promote and work to get them sold if possible.

So I am painting less and looking hopefully to do commission. If interested please contact me.

Thar's it for now. Have great week and thanks for reading my blog. See Ya!



Good Afternoon and hope your week is going as planned. I have been working to finalize my show in Scottsdale Arizona at the Faust Gallery this week. First I finished this painting and it is done except for varnish framing sending. White Cliffs Escalante Utah is a beautiful area to visit.  I painted this from photos I took on a field trip there In 2019.. The painting is oil 12x24 unframed.

 As far as show goes at the Faust Gallery I have 9 new paintings and some that have been  shown in Santa Fe. This week and next involves shipping paintings to the gallery In Scottsdale and getting them hung and ready for the show opening on March9,2023. Art represents Arizona, New Mexico and Utah Lanescapes and spaces.
Also the lates issue of Western Art and Architecture has a article on my art journey. Check it out on line or at you local bookstore magazine rack. 
 That's all. Will share photos from my trip to Scottsdale Arizona next month on my Instagram account and Facebook. Have a great week and See Ya!






Good afternoon. Thought I would share a new painting and information on my next gallery show in Scottsdale Arizona. This painting is titled Organ Mountains New Mexico. It is a 12x24 oil on a linen panel. These 

mountains are Near Las Cruces, New Mexico, and it is so well remembered in my years growing up in Texas. Trips to New Mexico often happened so it was fun to paint this.

  I have some exciting news. I am in the latest Issue of Western Art and Architecture Magazine,  Feb-Mar issue. The magazine has a column called Illuminations that writes about  Western Artists. They  contacted me in late December and wrote the article after a interview.. I have seen the on line article but not the hard copy magazine yet. Check newstands in February for the magazine. 

 Also my next show will be in Scottsdale Arizona at the Faust Gallery. The show Opens March 9 and runs until March 23, 2023. A number of new paintings will be in this show. Thanks so much  to the Faust Gallery that has supported me for the last 3 years.  For local people who follow me, it is a far trip to the show, but I will provide photos from the show on opening night on my March Blog.

 Last I did enter some paintings in the Annual Show at the Ridge Art Assocition in Winter Haven Florida. The Reception is tomorrow January 21, at 6 PM. I will be there . That's it. Take care and see y'a!