Good Morning

Wanted to get a short blog out today. I have a show opening this Friday May 17th at the Faust Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico. Lot of new paintings I did from the spring through the summer. I hope if you are in the area please stop by and say hello to Bill Faust and Michael. Hours for the show is 5-8 PM.

 These two paintings I just completed. First is Canyon Storm. It is the last of my Canyon Series that I started in 2020. I really have enjoyed these paintings and bringing to life the great Canyon areas of the Southwest. 

 2nd painting is Arroyo New Mexico. This painting is a larger version of Arroyo that I painted in 2019. Always loved New Mexico for its beauty and arroyos and washes so I wanted to improve on the original. 3rd time is the charm since I also did a 6x6 of this painting in 2019 also. 

  That is about it. I do have some paintings to go into the members show that opens in Octoberat the Ridge Art Association. Stay tuned to that, THat my update. Have a great week and see ya

Good morning and hope all are doing well. I wanted to get this blog out while I had time. I have been busy painting and getting ready for a show in Santa Fe New Mexico in September. I have done 6 new paintings for the show. These 3 are my most recent paintings.  My style is changing some what. I still enjoy the realist point of painting and I am doing that type from time to time. I am  enjoying the minimalist approach to art. Reducing images to shapes and angles and parallel lines elongated across the painting. My palette has been also reduced. 

It is a new direction and we will see how it evolves. 

 The Show in Santa Fe opens September 15th at the Faust Gallery. I am excited for this show and the time and energy the Faust Gallery is putting into all of my shows. Thank you Bill Faust. Also I will have some work in the Black and White show at the Ridge Art Association show this month and its Members show later this year.

 That's my summer so far. Hope yours is going well.  Will try to have another blog soon. Take care and see ya.




Good Morning and hope everyone is doing well. Today is May 7th Mothers Day Weekend. May Faire by the Lake here in Lakealand this weekend so I will be going to that. Looks like great weather and hopefully not to hot. 

 This is my newest painting titled Monument Skies. It is 19 x37 oil Framed. I have been on a Monument Valley  kick lately. I referenced this painting with some of the Sandstone Buttes and Mesas at the Monument Valley Navajo Tribual Park. I just enjoy the wide sweeping skies and openess this park provides.. The drive to this area is about 320 miles from Phoenix Arizona so it is a good drive if you want to take it. 

 Working on a show in Santa Fe later this year. Will let all know when it is and more information when I get it. 

Hope everyone has a great Mothers Day weekend.. Take care and see ya. 


Good morning gret day here in Lakeland Florida. This is my latest painting Monument Morning a 36x36 oil on linen. I am really happy with this painting. It trully shows the expanse and largeness of Monument Valley in Northern Arizona. I will be doing a show at the Faust Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico this summer  and this will be one of the main paintings in the show. Speaking of shows my show in Scottsdale Arizona  last month went really well. A good response to my art and selling 5 Paintings to collectors really made my trip woth while.  Art will be up in gallery until April 17th. Thanks so much to the Faust Gallery in Scottsdale for the promotional work and great presentation. You guys rock Bill and Michael. 

 That is pretty much a wrap. Not doing any local shows till maybe Aviation in Winter Haven. Possibly some others. Stay tuned. 

Have a blessed week. See ya!


Good Morning to all. I wanted to get this latest painting up on my website. Titled Arizona Palette 12x36 oil on a gallery canvas. I thought about this painting for a bit and what I wanted to paint is a palette that serves Arizona well in color. Also the shapes from top to bottom have the character of the mesa, buttes and clouds. I continued with parallel shapes to creat distance and perspective in this painting. Simple and minimalist it creates to the eye and viewer  the essence of a Arizona evening palette of color and shapes. 

 Also the Latest edition of Western Art Collector March Issue #175 is currently available on news and book store stands. On Page 126 is an article about my art and show at the Faust Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona running from March 17-April 17 2022 Title of Show is Chasing Shadows. There should be around 14 paintings in this show. I am very humbled to have this opportunity of which started in 2019 on my trip to Arizona and Utah. Thanks to Faust Gallery and Western Art Collector Magazine for helping out on this endeavor.

That's it!  Have a great blessed week and see ya!



Good Morning to all. Wanted to get this blog out since I have some exciting news to share. First off this is my latest painting Canyon Mist. Painting is 13x25 oil framed. This is one of the last paintings I completed for my show next month in Scottsdale Arizona at the Faust Gallery. I have worked with this gallery since 2020 and Bill Faust  and his staff have really helped me so much with my Western Art. Thank you Bill and your Staff.

 The news is that I will be doing a show that opens March 17, 2022 in the Faust Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona. Also the March Issue of Western Art Collector Magazine has a article about my art and show. Included in the article are 4 of my paintings for this show. Show title is "Chasing Shadows". I have 12 paintings for the show. The show represents paintings for Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. In 2019 I made a trip to this area. It included  the Grand Canyon, Vermillion Cliffs, Marble Canyon, Red Mesa Arizona and Capitol Reef in Southern Utah.  I will be present for the show opening. If you are in Scottsdale or the area please stop by. 

  Thats it for now. Once I have a copy of the magazine article I will put it on facebook. Thanks and have a great week. See ya!

Good Morning to all. Been a few months since my last Blog so lets dig right in.

Painting I have attached is Marble Canyon Shadows. This was based on a photo I took in 2019 on a trip to Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. I wanted this painting to show depth and perspective with a simple color palette. Painting is 24x36 oil on canvas unframed. 

 I recently sent this painting along with Canyon Shadows to the Faust Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona. We are planning on a show in the Gallery March 17, 2022 which will run for 2 weeks. I still am in the process of completing additional paintings so it has kept me quite busy. Advertisement for this show will be coming out in a magazine titled " Western Art Collector". Once I have the information I will provide it on my blog. 

 My blogs seem to be few and far between as of late. I hope to improve on that in 2022. 

Have a great week and see everyone again soon.

Good Afternoon to everyone, I am getting this Blog out before the end of October. Lot of rain today and wind but it is clearing now and we should get a taste of cool weather finally this weekend. 

Red Mesa Morning is my latest painting. This is a 11x21 oil on a gallery canvas framed. The mesa is one I have painted numerous times over the last two years but I wanted to use a minimalism approach to this painting. My paintings have leaned more to minimalism over the last two years. I enjoy painting this way. Simplfying the shapes and angles of Western mesa an mountains is really a fun way to paint, I will continue to paint this way but drop some realism in from time to time., I am offering this painting for sale  framed and with free shipping. If you are interested please message me on Facebook or Instagram. These are the only social media sites I use.  The show at the Ridge Art Assocation in WInter Haven is wrapping up very soon. The gallery is open during the week but check the hours before you go. This is the annual members show. I have 3 paintings in the exhibit.

 I am getting ready to show my art again in Scottsdale Az at the Faust Gallery after the first of the year. I will provided some exciting information I am working on as week get closer to the show date. I think it should be fun and informative. 

 Thats all for this blog. See you again soon and take care.